Penguins, Set, Go!
penguin set go family game
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Penguins, Set, Go!

Multiplayer games definitely support cooperation in children, thus stimulating the willingness to compete. The game “Penguin Glacier” is a lot of fun, which is sure to cause a lot of laughter and joy. It combines arcade elements with tactical thinking and planning your movements.

During the game, players use their penguins to kick snowballs to the top of the glacier. A chute is directed to the penguin’s foot, into which more snowballs can be loaded. Pressing down on the flightless head’s head causes the fin to straighten out and kicks the ball high up! Of course, be careful – an inaccurate hit will cause the snowball to land on the opponent’s side, giving him another bullet or – worse – a free point!

The glacier consists of 4 main parts, each of which is a track for one of the players. At the foot of the glacier there are stations for the players penguins. They are rotating platforms that definitely aid in targeting penguins. Each player receives 6 snowflakes at the beginning of the game, however this number may change during the course of the game!

Improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cooperation and patience.