Kitchen Sink - 23 pieces
kitchen sink 23 piece
kitchen sink 23 piece 2
Kitchen Sink - 23 pieces
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kitchen sink 23 piece 6

Fun Kitchen Play Sink for Kids (Battery Operated)

With this Battery-Operated Play Sink, kids can wash dishes with real running water! Fill the tub under the sink with water, turn the knob and watch water flow through the faucet just like a real sink. The water runs down the drain and back into the tub to cycle over and over again.

Includes dishes, utensils and play dish soap. This kitchen sink playset is a great way to give your children the space to learn how important it is to wash and clean up after themselves. They are able to learn key skills through play along with understanding the benefits of cleaning. Great built-in water features and a variety of accessories will keep your little one entertained for hours! You can also fill the water basin as many times as you like, as the water faucet uses the water in the sink to come through the faucet – making this set environmentally friendly and safe for your child. A washing and drying space gives your child a realistic idea of what it is like to wash up. A great way to interact with your child and have fun!