Magic Cube
Magic Cube
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3D Magnetic Shape Shifter Cube (72 Shapes)

  • Mesmerizing Shapes:
    Shape-Shifting Magnetic Fidget Cube feature 36 rare earth magnets that transforms into 72 unique shapes. This innovative design can fit in hand for many hours of non-stop mind challenging fun which can stimulate the senses of both young and adults with unlimited possibilities.
  • Being Creativity:
    Each Magnetic shapeshifting cube features vibrant patterns where you can create a unique array of fascinating artwork right at your fingertips.
  • Unique Artwork:
    You can buy multiple shape-shifting cubes to build larger structure and sculptures by connecting them together to create your ultimate unique artwork.
  • STEAM Educational Toy:
    Our shape-shifting magnetic fidget cube makes a great sensory stimulation gift and STEAM toy gift for all ages.
  • Therapeutic Effect:
    The Therapeutic effect of every click can soothes away stress.
  • Ultimate Stimulation for Kids:
    Various forms can be changed to cultivate children’s sense of space and improve memory.

Age: 6+ years


Out of stock

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